Northpointe Services Inc.

Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 904-757-3323

Licensed & Insured

CGC 034245 General Contractor
CUC 1224396 Utilities
CCC 1328988 Roofing
CAC 1816382 HVAC
About Us

Northpointe Services specializes in numerous types of residential and commercial contracting projects from the very small to extremely large. We are state certified in underground utility work, general contracting, roofing and HVAC contracting. Our team is highly motivated and skilled to provide the right service at the right price.

Underground Utility Work

imgProviding underground utilities to the Jacksonville metro area. Our underground services include but are not limited to:

+ Underground Utility Construction
+ Underground Electric Installation
+ Communications
+ Water & Sewer
Underground utility construction typically requires the use of directional boring or open trenching. Either of which we are accomplished with.